Panicland is right on top of the new direct-to-fan business model. Whether it's connecting directly to followers through multiple social media outlets, playing to over 50,000 students at 120 high schools on a 5-month tour across Canada, or drawing hundreds of fans to impromptu mall pop-up shows and meet-ups, it's clear that the hard work they are putting in to grow their fanbase is paying off.  

Of course this would be meaningless without great music to carry the day. From the beginning, Panicland have been doing it all themselves. Since the age of 12, frontman Braedon Bassio, the band's songwriter, producer and singer, has never stopped striving for perfection, creating songs worthy of international recognition - his most recent work burning Panicland's name into hit radio territory. Bassio is joined in Panicland by his younger brother Riley Bassio (guitar), Ian Willmer (bass) and Travis Hunnie (drums). 

Their newest single “Bad Word”, written, produced and recorded in Bassio's basement, reached #24 on the Mediabase CHR Chart just weeks after it’s independent release, debuting at #3 on CHR Spinburners, and twice earning the #1 most added Canadian single spot. 

Panicland aren't ones to let a velvet rope get in the way of promoting their band. Using guerrilla tactics such as pretending to be celebrities - by wearing disguises or even stealing names - they’ve managed to infiltrate Grammy parties, Juno parties, the MMVAs and SOCAN awards to network with celebrities like Skrillex, Mark Ronson, Shawn Mendes and 5 Seconds of Summer, as well as hit songwriters, managers and label executives. 

This assertive approach has them on the radar of the biggest players in the U.S., and the band is co-writing with hitmakers responsible for some of the most recognizable work from Britney Spears, Nick Jonas, Carly Rae Jepsen and many others. In early 2016, the band attracted the attention of Keith Harris of The Black Eyed Peas, and have been working with him on new music to follow up "Bad Word". Based on his stellar work with new artists Meghan Trainor and Fifth Harmony, Panicland's future is looking bright. 

This is how you do it in 2016, with hustle, and Panicland has hustle with a capital "H". Along with The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Alessia Cara and many others, they're proving that the new crop of Canadians can be as aggressive and driven as anyone….without a single “sorry.”  

"When Sum 41 delivered their first recordings to us, which later went on to sell millions of copies worldwide, we were ecstatic. I very much see in Panicland the same thing we saw in Sum 41 - super talented songwriters with a great sense of who they are." -Barb Sedun, SOCAN